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The integral self

Yoganetix builds on the notion that we have body, brain, mind and soul, referred to in our approach as 'the integral self'. 

The integral self includes body intelligence, brain intelligence and mind intelligence.

What do we mean by 'mind' and why is it important?

Mind is the aspect of us that resides partially in the non-physical domain.

The highest energy levels are in the non-physical domain, the mind is therefore seen as a vital element in the Yoganetix approach.

Emotions play an important role at the boundaries between body, brain and mind.

This is illustrated in the diagram below.

A few remarks about the concept of 'soul' and its relationship to 'mind': We view the soul as part of mind, namely that part which existed already before you were born, the part that will survive after your departure from physical life.

The scientific treatments of 'the integral self' concepts are covered at the link.

The focus in Yoganetix and this website is on the practical use of these discoveries.

Are some of these ideas about 'the integral self' new to you'?

Our advise: Start with Yoganetix and experience it, leave the theory for later. 


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