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Dear visitor to the Yoganetix website,

Earlier this year I turned eighty.
I am physically and mentally fit.
I enjoy Yoga sessions with my gym partners who are at least 30 years younger.
I get through winters without catching a cold.

Hence, I am asked occasionally what my 'secret' is.
My short answer is then the fresh orange juice made by my wife during the winter days.
The longer answer is here in these pages.
It works for me and maybe there is something in there that works for you as well.

You are free to use it and copy it.
If you are in the health care profession, I hope that you will find ideas here which you can integrate in your own activities.

These are thought experiments for self-healing, in this case more than 20 years in the making.
When referring to Yoganetix, please keep in my mind that these are 'thought experiments', which sometimes work and sometimes do not.

When you go through it, my recommendation is to dedicate a couple of days to each step before you move on to the next one. It is tempting to skip to the last item and see what this is all about. That is OK, but then start at item one to build your experience slowly.

Wishing you success,

Cornel Slenters
Switzerland, 2019

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