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Yoganetix, a brief history

Yoganetix is developed from merging ancient knowledge about healing systems, such as Yoga, Reiki and the TAO with the latest insights from modern science, such as the LOTA sciences. ( www.slenters.info )

In all these thought systems the universe is viewed as a hologram and we are an integral part of it.

Moreover, as is articulated in the LOTA sciences, this leads to a universe where every part of it has consciousness.

Our bodies have the same deep structure at the energy level, leading to the obvious question if these insights can be used for new processes to enhance healing.

The LOTA theories were published in 1996, by Cornel Slenters, followed by applications in the fields of Education and Emotional Intelligence several years later. (See the websites below.)

These insights combined with the author's experience in Yoga, Reiki and the Healing-TAO created an irresistible personal testing ground for self-healing, with successes and failures, spanning more than a decade.

In 2010, he started working with Diana Thommen (an experienced Kinesiologist and Yoga teacher), in order to give it structure and simplify it so that even a ten year old could understand it.

The structure & small scale validation was completed in 2016. The initial idea was to hold back on the launch of this website till there was a seizable experience base.

Writing 2019: The experience/validation base is slow in coming, while this information is sitting on the shelves.

It was therefore decided to launch this site as a 'thought experiment'.

If you prefer a personal coach instead, please contact Diana Thommen here (in German only).


The materials on this website are offered to you as a public service. There are no tricks, no cookies, no Google advertising, no political organizations involved and no religious organizations involved.


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