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Ways to resolve objection centers - Which intent ?

Pre-requisite abilities: Yoganetix Curing levels 1 and 2.

Moreover, you have the practical skills to locate your healing centers and objection centers.

One of the ways to resolve the objection center is to ask it what the intent is of the objection, i.e. what it wants to achieve. An alternative question could be: what is missing? Experiment with different phrases till you find an expression that works for you. ( goal, aim, target, purpose,
missing resource etc.)

You are now in communication with your subconscious and these communications have their own language, in the form of symbols, images, flashes of insights etc. Sometimes immediate and sometimes days later.

We use the term subconscious in this context as a collective for a variety of other possible terms such as mind or soul.

The technique requires a relaxed body and brain, in quiet surroundings.

The process is explained in the diagram below.


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