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Ways to resolve objection centers - Moving hands

Pre-requisite abilities: Yoganetix Curing levels 1 and 2.

Moreover, you have the practical skills to locate your healing centers and objection centers.

Further, this technique requires familiarity with simple energy manipulation.

You hold one hand a short distance above the objection center and make mental contact between the two points till you sense an energy connection. A slight movement up and down with your hand will confirm the energy connection.

You do the same with your other hand for the healing center.

You pose a request for higher level resolution and start to move the palms of both hands very gradually together. Do this very slowly and sense the energy exchange at work.

Total time required, once you have the feel for it, is less than two 2 minutes.

The technique requires a relaxed body and brain, in quiet surroundings.

The process is summarized in the diagram below.

moving 1

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