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Ways to resolve objection centers - The rainbow

Pre-requisite abilities: Yoganetix Curing levels 1 and 2.

Moreover, you have the practical skills to locate your healing centers and objection centers.

The rainbow is a good symbol for connecting with the subconscious as well as for communicating between two points.

We use it to establish connections between the healing center and the objection center, then call upon the subconscious to bring about a change of feelings, thoughts, beliefs or perspectives in order to reduce the tension between the two body centers (Hc & Oc).

If successful, you are likely to feel something shifting in your body, while you are playing around with the rainbow colors.

We use the term subconscious in this context as a collective for a variety of other possible terms such as mind or soul.

The technique requires a relaxed body and brain, in quiet surroundings.

The process is illustrated in the diagram below.


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