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How to use this healing center for pain relief

For this session you are expected to master the techniques of sessions 1 through 8.
Therefore, you are able to identify the dominant healing center linked to the pain center.

In this session we put it all together in an easy sequence, as outlined on the image below.

Relax, ... in a seated or laying position.

The total time required is just minutes and can be done any time any place.

Once you feel the energy flowing, you might feel a reduction in pain.

Keep the focus on the energy flow till you reach a moment where pain has totally disappeared (if you can) .
This is the lucky scenario.

However, you might not succeed or pain might return, either within minutes, hours or days.
This would signal that there are additional factors in play and those are explained in Curing level 3.

Nevertheless, practice the  sequence below and master it before moving on to level 3.


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