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Ways to resolve objection centers - Re-program the past

Pre-requisite abilities: Yoganetix Curing levels 1 and 2.

Moreover, you have the practical skills to locate your healing centers and objection centers.

The seven slides in this session are divided in three layers:

The first layer, the slide below, conveys the notion that all personal memory radiates from the present and is maintained from the present. We can change our memories of perception, to some degree, by reducing the intensity and by changing the circumstances. This is powerful when combined with the knowledge of objection centers.

The second layer, the three slides thereafter, describes the technique to reduce intensity, based on NLP. 

The third layer, the three slides thereafter, describe the steps to change the circumstances of what we remember i.e. make it less dramatic. Mothers do this all the time when kids hurt themselves. Guess what, objection centers like it to.

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