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Universe as scaling hologram

Everything is connected with everything else; a statement that is well accepted in oriental philosophies and meets with growing support in modern science.

This condition leads to a structure of interactions that take on the form of a hologram.
How this happens is explained on the website

Moreover, this hologram is scaling, meaning: the nodes in every hologram consist again of holograms.

The other consequence of this formation is the emergence of consciousness at every node, in short a universe of consciousness.
How this happens is also explained on the website

You do not need to know these underlying theories for the Yoganetix sessions, since it is a practical approach to self-healing.

Yet, the whole experience will make more sense to you if the following ideas from it are kept in mind: your body is an intelligent energy system, with consciousness at all levels and in all aspects. The deep structure of your body is holographic and intimately connected with the universe.

The diagram below illustrates the idea.

Scaling universe

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