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Before you start, is this for you?

Yoganetix will work for some, but not for everybody.

Moreover, for those where it works, it does not work all the time.

Further, Yoganetix is not a replacement for your standard medical care.

So ...., is this for you?

If you are a practitioner of Yoga or Reiki or Healing Tao or Kinesiology or any other practice based on steering subtle energies through your body, then this might be for you.

Yoganetix requires the ability to sense these subtle energies.

As we know, self-healing processes in our bodies are below the level of awareness, most of the time.
Yet, when things go out of balance and we experience pain or tension, the underlying issue is obviously raised to the level of awareness.

At these moments Yoganetix might help with a set of targeted mental interventions in order to help the body restore its natural self-healing processes.

Once these techniques become second nature, you will find that they require no extra time.

The level 1 routines have also a preventive benefit.

Is this for you?

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