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From Kinesiology and several other healing systems we know that health is greatly influenced by thoughts, beliefs and emotions. Disjointed thoughts and beliefs create disjointed energies at the mental level. This leads to disjointed energies in the body. Consequently, it reduces the body self-healing abilities and might be a cause for pain or discomfort.

As an illustration: A possible known cause for rheumatic pains is the immune system's confusion about what is body and what is foreign, fighting as a result itself. A similar dynamic might be at work with allergic reactions.

Integration of the entire body, at the mental level, for the benefit of self-healing, is of primordial importance and the following easy routine was therefore chosen as a starter.

Total time involved is less than a minute and can be done any time any place.

It is pleasant to do and improves mood and concentration instantly.
Then, after a few weeks of practice, the overall beneficial effects on health and healing will be noticed.

It is important to make it a daily practice, once or twice a day.
Keep it up till it becomes routine.

The routine is illustrated in the following three images.




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