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Ways to resolve objection centers - Transform to healing center

Pre-requisite abilities: Yoganetix Curing levels 1 and 2.

Moreover, you have the practical skills to locate your healing centers and objection centers.

This approach illustrates the flexibility and variety of possibilities once the objection center has been located.

Here we ask the 'objection center' how it would feel if it was a 'healing center'.

In situations of moderate to mild pain or tension the effect will be felt immediately.

Pain or tension might come back after a while, yet, typically, the feel has changed and the intensity has diminished.

This can be repeated from time to time and gradual resolution can be expected.

Moreover, pay attention to mental or emotional aspects during this period, such as new insights or viewpoints, since these are leading to the root cause. The latter part is equally important in this process.


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