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Your power centers

From sessions 1 and 2 we know that our bodies have holographic structures at the consciousness level.
Moreover, we know that consciousness exists at all levels and in all aspects.
This means that consciousness at all levels and in all aspects will try to preserve a healthy state of balance.

Consciousness emerges from an assembly of aspects, which together form centers. These centers have a purpose and will try to preserve balance in a dynamic energy environment through energy exchanges.

In Yoganetix you learn how this works, through practical applications.

For those interested in underlying theory regarding consciousness etc, please see
We recommend however that you do the Yoganetix practice first and experience first hand that 'this is for real'.

There are many centers in our body and we will focus in Yoganetix on the centers for self-healing.

The image below illustrates our potential.
Indeed: 'Ask the right questions and you will be answered'.

Yoganetix your centres

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